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Brielletårnet and Haugenstranda


Brielletårnet and Haugenstranda: The wide beach Haugenstranda is stretching for about 4 kilometres on the north side of Jan Mayen, a wide-open landscape of black volcanic sand and large amounts of driftwood. The open landscape, the eternal thunder of the waves against the shore, the distant view towards Beerenberg in the northeast and the coastal stack Brielletårnet nearby in the southwest altogether make for an impressive landscape experience.

Now we are standing on a little right that connects the mountain Kvalrossen (“the walrus”) with the coastal stack Brielletårnet. Brielletårnet is about 91 metres high and got its name (“Brielle-tower”) from 17th century Dutch whalers as it is supposed to be similar to the Catharine-tower in Brielle, a town in the Dutch province South Holland. In good weather, we have got the view to the peak of Beerenberg in a distance of 22 kilometres and fascinating rock formations and colours nearby.

A steep descent is leading down into a little nameless bay between Brielletårnet and Kvalrossen. Several smaller rock stacks are standing here, modelled out of the volcanic rocks by the heavy surf during violent storms, which are not rare around Jan Mayen. The view to the sky, blue just for the difference, from a position between these stacks is amazing and, photographed with a wide-angle lense, a beautiful photo, even though the unbiased beholder may not immediately think of Jan Mayen when looking at it at the first glance.

Jan Mayen: Brielletårnet

Rock stacks at Brielletårnet on Jan Mayen, photographed vertically upwards with a wide angle lense.


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