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Panorama Beerenberg

Haakon VII Top­pen is the high­est peak of Beeren­berg with 2277 m above sea lev­el. Most of Jan Mayen, up to maybe 700 m, is hid­den under a cloud cov­er. Only the high­est peaks of Sør Jan, as the south­ern part of Jan Mayen is called, are vis­i­ble, and of course the majes­tic Beeren­berg itself. The cen­tral crater has a diam­e­ter of about 1.5 kilo­me­tres and it is filled by a glac­i­er, which is flow­ing out of the crater to the north­west, form­ing Weyprecht­breen which is reach­ing down to the coast and calv­ing into the sea.


Karte Jan Mayen mit dem Beerenberg

This panora­ma was done free­hand on June 21st, 2015, dur­ing the first ascent of Beeren­berg by any­one not work­ing at the sta­tion after 2011, when the rules were tight­ened. As far as I know, it is the first 360 degree panora­ma tak­en on the top of Beerenberg.

360° Panorama Beerenberg


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  1. Rolfs Webmaster says:

    I have pre­pared many panora­mas for Rolf Stange web­sites. This one is one of the very spe­cial ones. I hope you like it as much as I do. As of today, it is also com­mentable. On the oth­er Rolf Stange web­sites there are many more panora­mas and pano tours (to Spits­ber­gen and Antarctica).


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